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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


THEN the captainless Juniors went down to defeat before the
Davenport High School team at the Y. M. C. A., they received
an anonymous box of candy, dedicated to the "gamest little
team that ever lost." And the unknown eulogizer was not
far from being right; not for a single moment in that first ill-
starred combat with the city high school, or in any of the
games that were lost, did the scrappy little quintet falter when things began
to go wrong and it became apparent that they were fighting for a "lost cause."

We would not have the reader infer from this that defeats were
frequent. Davenport, Moline, Cedar Rapids and Peoria were the only
opponents to register more "x's" in the score book than the locals, and only
Peoria was able to win by a really decisive margin.
Little may be said of the victories over East Moline, Oxford, Maquoketa
and a number of other minor teams, for the scores are in the summary and
that is really all there is to tell. Tipton put up a stiff combat at home, but
was plainly out of her element on the college floor. The first game of great
importance was the mix-up with Cedar Rapids.
The Bunnies lost the state championship to Council Bluffs, in the finals
at Ames, but at that time they were considered the cream of the middle
west, and the eyes of the state were fixed on Davenport when the Rapids'
five came down. The battle was a memorable one, with the Juniors leading
through the first half. At the start of the second period, however, the
Bunnies caught up with the Little Saints and nosed them out by two points..
True to their family traditions, troubles came, "not single spies but in
battalions," for Peoria completely outclassed the Juniors, and boosted the
score to near the half-century mark, and Captain McLain was "hors de
combat" when the time for the Moline game rolled around.




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