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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


A TINY little microbe, so small that its presence could hardly
be detected by a lens, was able completely to "upset the dope"
last fall and beat the St Ambrose Juniors out of almost every
football game of the season. The speedy little Bacterial
Club kept several billion men watching the Juniors all the
time, so that almost every little Ambrosian was laid out by
them before Thanksgiving.
Outside of these combats with the influenza the Juniors had a very
successful season. What there was of it was good, but there wasn't much
to it. Alexis High School was the first victim. The Illinoisians put up a
dandy scrap, but a drop-kick by Fottral and a line plunge from the one
yard line by O'Donnell counted nine points, while the efforts of the visitors
counted for naught. Numerically speaking the score was 9-0.
At Kalona also, the Juniors were able to prevent the opposition from
scoring, without running up a startling total. But six is better than nothing, and that is just how much better the Juniors were than Kalona. The
experts agreed that under different geographical and meteorological conditions the score would have been a little higher for the Juniors, and if possible, a little lower for Kalona.
A year before Maquoketa had battled the Saintlings to a scoreless tie,
so a big crowd had gathered, with higher expectations, when Maquoketa
stepped onto the field a week later.
The suits and facial appearance of several visitors were old landmarks
to the home crowd, but the style of game they put up was not. Before the
end of the first quarter the Junior halves were fighting for the honor of
carrying the ball over the line, and by the time the whistle shrieked its
last, the Juniors won by an unknown score, x-0. All agreed that x equalled
something in the vicinity of 100.
Then the "Flu" came, uninvited it is true, but nevertheless a rival not
to be ignored. One by one the prominent Juniors were taken unawares
and wrapped up in the covers, with instructions to "take one every four
hours, and be sure not to get in a draft.'3 It was three weeks before the
Juniors stepped onto the field in battle array.
West Branch was selected as the victim for the final game of the
season. The Junior machine, unleashed from its long, unwelcome restraint,
vented its enthusiasm on the visitors. Captain McLain led his mates in
scoring the noteworthy total of Juniors, 53; West Branch, 0.
Next year the Junior prospects are better than ever. Father Adrian
says: "When we had only three vets of the previous season back, and
could make such a creditable showing, we should be stronger than ever the
coming season, with at least seven letter men sure to return." Besides, a
couple of stars of a year ago, who were compelled to work the past season,
have already signified their intentions of returning next Fall.
The schedule is yet in the making, but games are practically assured
with Washington, Tipton, West Branch, Sterling, Cedar Rapids and probably the Tri-Cities.




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