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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


St. Thomas Literary Society
THE past year has been a very successful one for St. Thomas
Literary Society. Our membership was very large; and
under the leadership of enterprising officers, the society
ranked foremost amongst the literary organizations of the
The purpose of our society is to create a general good-
fellowship among its members, to instruct them in the method of conducting an assembly, and to encourage the writing of essays and short stories.
Debates, declamations, and dialogues formed a large part of the weekly
As in former years, St. Thomas Literary Society upheld its reputation
of having acute thinkers within its ranks. In the course of the meetings
of the society future speakers and arbiters were found. No national problems were left unnoticed—The League of Nations, Prohibition, and like
questions were discussed and rediscussed by such men as Feeney, Ott, and
Kelly. Speeches delivered by McLain, Costello, and Stackhouse would
have turned Demosthenes or Cicero to jealousy had they heard them.
Our society has furnished men for the Elocution contests and for
dramatic productions. For this work the society has had its share in
training them.
We were very fortunate in securing Father Stahl as the censor of our
society. Through his efforts the best of programs have been delivered.
We feel that it was through his untiring interest and aid that our year's
work has been so successful.




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