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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Senior oAcademic Class History
AT the parting of the ways, we must turn back for a few
moments to take one last look at the road we have thus far
traveled, and record what we have done to make the way
easier for those who are to follow. When Academic Classes
in years to come desire a model worthy of imitation they may
well hark back to the class of 19.
In college history is studied, not made. Life is carefully regulated, "to
the tintinnabulation from the bells, bells, bells," and days slip by according
to routine. Therefore we cannot go into details. A more complete record
will be found in the list of personal achievements.
When the "plebs" of 1915 toed the mark for the first time, they gave
signs of intelligence and much room for improvement. But as time slipped
away, rough edges were polished off. Those whoi were unable to stand the
pace dropped back a year, but the "Old Guard" stood firm.
After some preliminary work under the guidance of "Collar and
Daniel," the Nineteeners served a year in "Caesar's Gallic War." Then
Cicero took to sicking the conscript fathers and the immortal Gods onto
Cataline. About half the members of the class quit cold at this point, and
left a paltry handful to withstand the onslaught of Aeneas and his Trojans.
On the athletic field, in military drill, in the various musical and
literary organizations, as well as in the elocution contests, "Nineteeners"
have always commanded the respect of their fellows.
Not all who answered present on that first September morning four
years ago, are in our midst. Nearly a dozen of our elder mates left the
halls of old Ambrose to take their places in the ranks, and the word has
come that at least one of our number gave "the last full measure of
devotion." We have not forgotten them nor shall we.
And when we come back to Alma Mater for an Alumni Banquet, though
we greet all our friends heartily, we shall never fail to give a little tighter
squeeze when we join right hands with a fellow-member of the Class of
President ... Julian Glanz
Vice-President ...James Fottral
Secretary... Harold Britt
Treasurer... Cletus Bailey
Historian... Robert Feeney
Delegate... Norbert Dautremont
Poet ... Charles Costello




St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803