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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Paul Joseph Wolfe, Lost Nation, Iowa
Bookkeeping, Shorthand
Clinton High, 18; Sodality B. V. M.,
19; Commercial Delegate, 19; Advertising Committee; Dramatics, 19;
Treasurer Class, 19; Tennis Association, 19.
"Le nothing disturb thee"
Forrest Neal Vass, Eldon, Iowa
Bookkeeping, Shorthand
Eldon High, 17, 18; St. Patrick's
Literary Society, 18; Tennis Association, 18, 19; Class President, 19.
Gosh, it's time to get up sweetness.

George William Bouquot, Riverside,
Iowa "Jiggy"
Bookkeeping, Typewriting
St. Mary's High School, 16; Class
Secretary, 19; Football, 17; 'Varsity
Faseball, 18; Independent Baseball, 19;
Sodality B. V. M., 17, 18, 19; St.
Patrick's Literary Society, 17, 18, 19.
"This is my youth.'
Thomas Joseph Thompson, Davenport,
Iowa "Tommy"
Bookkeeping, Shorthand
League Baseball, 19; League Basketball, 19.
'Tis looking downward makes me dizzy.'




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