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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Thurs. 1—Annual goes to
Fri. 2—Malik, Miclot, Mil*
ler are late and receive
reprimand. Junior Elocution Contest.
Sat. 3 — Where does the
climax occur in Macbeth?
Tennis Courts are marked off.
Sun. 4—No High Mass. Ziggy discovers corn on his toes. Dr. Walsh
gives lecture at Burtis. All over 16 off.
Mon. 5—Senior Philosophers are placed on the first table. Dr. Walsh lectures in auditorium.
Tues. 6—The latest news! We had a Community Sing.
Wed. 7—Maher and McLorraine have a fight, neither defeated. Eggs for
Thurs. 8—Gordon and McAvoy jugged till 5 P. M. It is rumored they got
no supper.
Fri. 9—Dramatic Club presents "Stop Thief." Vurr good.
Sat. 10—Independents are defeated by Chiros, 45-0. Ziggy pitches.
Sun. 11—Dautremont off to see his (?) relations. I
Mon. 12—McGrath and Hannon jugged by Doc Moore in Penmanship.
How cruel.
Tues. 13—Hart, Hatton and Geo. McCabe get into an argument over who is
the best looking in school. The judge awarded the prize to Goofy Healey.
Wed. 14—Harry McCarthy calls Martin McCarthy "Martie" and receives
his just reward.
Thurs. 15—Heenan takes a bath for the first time in 1919. He also gets his
hair cut. Good for you, Ed.
Fri. 16—Se&ior Elocution Contest.
Sat. 17—McDermott and McDevitt try to find out
who put the "Mc" in front of their names.
Sun. 18—No High Mass. Code and Selman go out
to hunt bugs.
Mon. 19—Great news. Young Lew is attempting
to get a shape like his big (?) brother.
Tues. 20—For the first time in the school year
Lotspeich is not jugged after school.
Wed. 21—Good show at the Columbia. No blacklist. Rumors of a Tennis Tournament.
Thurs. 22—Eugene Kelly is reported to be quite a
card shark. His pet game is "Rummy."
Fri. 23—Beans, as usual for dinner. Rumored that
school wiH be let out June 5th. Oh, Boy!




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