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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Lieut. (Doc) McMeel pays us a visit.
Mon. 7—Zigg's arm develops a "charlie horse."
Kinnavey walks up Main Street in the rain. I
wonder why ?
Tues. 8—Real eggs for breakfast. Henry reports
that his hair is getting thin.
Wed. 9—No blacklist. Gerwe stays home for
Thursd. 10—Sim ons and Moore have an argument. Outcome not yet reported.
Fri. 11—Werner Schoenfelder gets the smallpox.
Rumors of the close of school. No beans.
Sat. 12—Rempe, Simons and Bouquot open a
library and art gallery at their room.
Sun. 13—Leroy Lindle takes a ride and brings
back some peanuts. However he ate them himself.
Mon. 14—Rain all night and day. Oratorical preliminaries come off in the
Commercial Study Hall.
Tues. 15—McCabe's pennants are snatched from the wall. It was not a student that did it, either.
Wed. 16—Philosophers go down to the Cathedral for evening service.
Thurs. 17—Holy Thursday. Retreat starts.
Fri. 18—Retreat.
Sat. 19—Retreat.
Sun. 20—Retreat over. ~Many go home. Feed and dance in the "Little
Mon. 21—No school. Everybody off until 5:30. Newmie gets a new suit.
Tues. 22—Classes resumed. Back to ye old grind.
Wed. 23—Very few back from vacation. No blacklist.
Thurs. 24—Doc writes a "touching" note to Father. M. of D. goes to
Fri. 25—Beans for dinner. Fr. S. is sick. Concert
by Mr. Swindell.
Sat. 26—Henry gets a hair cut; no shampoo
though. No movies.
Sun. 27—Cone, Moore and Code sing Benediction.
The Little Smoker is crowded.
Mon. 28—Dan Keeler gets the smallpox. No
Philosophy tomorrow it is announced. Hurrah!
Ziggy puts a sign on the door of the "Little
Tues. 29—Change of tables in the refectory.
M. D. gets back from hospital.
Wed. 30—Mayhew thought this day was Decoration Day and went out to decorate the graves.




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