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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Thurs. 13—All Philosophers get over 90% in Philosophy. We are sure setting a good standard, yes ?
Fri. 14—Thunder, lightning and rain. "When shall we three meet again ?"
Sat. 15—Zig spies a robin. It must be Spring. Very good movie.
Sun. 16—All off for the program at the Sacred Heart School. When we
came back the M. D. said this: !—!—x—?— ?—!—!— ?
Mon. 17—St. Patrick's Day. General permission in the afternoon. Many
Irish go to a show, claiming that it is not Lent.
Tues. 18—B. V. M.'s Sodality get their picture taken. You can see it in the
front part of the book.
Wed. 19—K. C. and Manning Club picture is taken. Newman and his little
Cletus visit the Academy of Sciences.
Thurs. 20—Tennis Association formed. Arnold Hand pays us a visit.
Fri. 21—Cone leaves for Clinton.
Sat. 22—Dramatic Club get their picture taken. Movies not so good.
Sun. 23—About 25 off for dinner. Many off for supper. That's all.
Mon. 24—Ambrosian advertising starts with a rush.
Tues. 25—Exams are announced during regular
class periods. Cloudy
Wed. 26—Henry Overberg
goes to the American; in
Lent, too.
Thurs. 27 — Zig has an
argument with Fr. Cule-
mans in class. Exam in
Fri. 28 — Francis Wol f e,
commonly known as "pinguis lupus," pays us a visit. Raid with many
casualties on private rooms.
Sat. 29—Exam in Biology. One of questions: "Etymologically speaking,
does Ontogeny recapitulate Philogeny?"
Sun. 30—We lose an hour of sleep* All clocks are set forward an hour.
Mon. 31—Henry Overberg spends the day with Doctor Harkness.
Tues. 1—April Fool. Free day in the afternoon. Fr. Murray lectures on
the Holy Land in the evening.
Wed. 2—Henry gets new glasses. Doc Moore visits the West End. He
would have been vamped if it were not for Collins going with him.
Thurs. 3—Rainy weather, but not much rain. Oratorical contestants told
to prepare a three minute speech.
Fri. 4—Weather very cloudy. Reverend President buys a New car. Beans.
Sat. 5—Sure sign of Spring: A colored lady seen, picking greens on the
College grounds.
Sun. 6—Second anniversary of our Declaration of War upon Germany.




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