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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Mon. 24—Doc Rogers back for a visit. Fr. Hannon leaves for the conference in St. Louis. I'm going to ditch chapel in the morning.
Tues. 25—Mugsy starts Philosophy. Funny, isn't it, how the prodigal son
turns up ?
Wed. 26—No blacklist. Matt Frett seen coming out of Graham's Dancing
School. Same old story. I'm afraid we can't reform him.
Thurs. 27—Newman and John Collins sick. Whitey Morrison is quite concerned over the latter's health.
Fri. 28—Tarn Donahue shows up, none the worse for tackling the Germans.
Mr. Bashe starts teaching.
Sat. 1—Juniors defeat Davenport High. Very good movie, really enjoyed
by all present.
Sun. 2—All K. C.'s off for initiation. "Tarn" Donahue gives us a talk on
his experiences at the front.
Mon. 3—Emmett Crowley gets mad at Code. Some say he is jealous of
Tues. 4—-Dramatic Club gives a play. Ziggy says night prayers.
Wed. 5—Ash Wednesday. Many quit smoking. Zig starts smoking again
at 8:30 A. M. He abstained almost nine hours.
Thurs. 6—For the first time in the history of the S. A. C, we have pork
chops for dinner.
Fri. 7—Mugsy leaves for the Sem. Juniors beat Tipton, 40-20.
Sat. 8—Movies were good, Bill Hart in "The Tiger."
Sun. 9—Manning Club re-organizes. Zig and the M. D., have a dispute.
Zig resigns (?) as prefect.
Mon. 10—Free Day. Kinnavey changes his socks.
Tues. 11—Henry looks up the Irish question. Think of it, and born in Wur-
temburg, West Point County,—Iowa.
Wed. 12—Everybody goes down town. The Columbia was crowded.
What? Oh, yes, fine.




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