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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Sun. 2—K. C. Initiation. About 20 from S. A. C, go in. They get back
about midnight.
Mon. 3—Fr. Culemans gives the papers back in philosophy. Some are satisfied, others are not.
Tues. 4—We start Metaphysics. K. C.'s go to K. of C. meeting.
Wed. 5—Reading of reports. Marks are very low. All blacklists called off.
Thurs. 6—K. C.'s outside of Philosophy go to the K. of C. dance. G. Bummer Wolfe gets 75c worth of frozen Lemonade.
Fri. 7—Louie Robert pays us a short visit and we turn Kinnavey's room into
a "smoke house." Central High of Peoria win from Juniors by a large
Sat. 8—-Mr. Ritchie gives us the S. 0. S. A few young men found to be out
of the building.
Sun. 9-—Everybody talking about the escapade of last night. Fr. Hannon
is not here, so no action was taken.
Mon. 10—Fr. Hannon gets back. Faculty meeting after night prayers.
Tues. 11—Four men expelled for being out without permission. Pete Dautremont's friend, Mr.
Schnoebelen, arrives from Riverside.
Wed. 12—Lincoln's Birthday. General permission
until 5:30. Code and Fitz go into the infirmary.
Thurs. 13—Rain, beautiful rain, all morning. Doc
day dreams in Philosophy. Code and Fitz run
out of paper.
Fri. 14—Snowed during the night. Some weather,
eh ? Codfish for supper,—oh, yes, fine.
Sat. 15—Davenport High defeats Juniors in Basketball. They say Louie Nieters was a social
lion at the game. How could you, Louisa?
Sun. 16—Green onions for dinner. Fr. Hannon
interrupted an impromptu gathering in the infirmary.
Mon. 17—Clem Wagner pays us a visit. Bob Feeney jugged for a week.
Code and Fitz come out of the infirmary.
Tues. 18—Wm. Kleffman pays us a visit. Henry steps on a mouse and kills
it. Poor mouse, such a heavy way to depart from life.
Wed. 19—Rempe gets a tooth filled, also a bottle at the corner drug store.
Fr. Shannahan here on a short visit.
Thurs. 20—Lovely morning, just like Spring.' Soon, however, it startsd
snowing and now it is a foot deep. Is this Spring?? ???
Fri. 21—Eggs for dinner, the first time in 1919. Movies in auditorium,
Sat. 22—Washington's Birthday. No classes and general permission.
Gee! ain't you glad we had a father for this country?
Sun. 23—No High Mass. Everybody glad, except the choir. Cheer up,
you can kill us next Sunday.




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