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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


14 — Wagner rings
the bell at 5:15. He was
mobbed and is now in the
Wed. 15 — Code explains
the reproductive system
in Biology. "Vuur"
Thurs. 16 — Doc Moore
comes out of Infirmary,
Tony Wallace pays a
visit. vHe is as stout and cherubic as ever.
Fri. 17—We were supposed to have movies, but the machine broke. Kelly,
we thank you.
Sat. 18—Flanagan gets resoled at the shoe hospital. Juniors defeat
Oxford, 55-3.
Sun. 19—Campaign for K. C. members begins with a rush. There are
about 25 prospects.
Mon. 20—Fried potatoes for breakfast, excellent (?). Part of Batteries
B and D arrive in Davenport.
Tues. 21—John Collins buys Whitey a piece of candy. Nothing like keeping up affections,—eh, John?
Wed. 22—Quite a few see "The Boomerang" at the Burtis, John Collins
gets sick.
Thurs. 23—Beecher, Kleinfelder, and "Mugsy" McGrath show up. We
have a "smoker" in Ziggy's room, and "Paul" does the rest.
Fri. 24p—Casey and Fottral journey to the Study Hall. Nieters longs to
join Casey, but dares not. I.I
Sat. 25—Juniors win from Sterling, 54-9. John Collins faints of Acute
Indigestion. He goes to hospital tonight.
Sun. 26—For first time in history of St. Ambrose we have baseball on
the campus in January. Exams all next week.
Mon. 27—John Collins is back from hospital. Exam in Philosophy.
Tues. 28—Exams all day. English in morning and History of Philosophy
in afternoon.
Wed. 29—Exam in Greek. Everybody goes to the Columbia in afternoon.
Thurs. 30—Exam in Scrip
ture. Somebody said
Heli was one of the
twelve tribes.
Fri. 31—Exam in Biology.
Same old "pro" and "con"
about orals.
Sat. 1—Cedar Rapids beat
the Juniors, 24-22. Overberg shaves,—his hair.




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