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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


umerous cigarette smokers caught by the "ones higher Up."
Fri. 13—Nothing to report,—except the beans we had for dinner.
Sat. 14—We took our usual walk of one hour. We greatly enjoy Mary
Pickford in "M'liss," in the evening.
Sun. 15—Free Day. Also Newman's birthday.
Mon. 16—Nieters completes his book "My Four Years at West Point." Fr.
Kerrigan back from the hospital.
Tues. 17—Flanagan is sick for one-half a day. Reason ? We were to have
Greek. Ergo!
Wed. 18—We are permitted to go to the city for the first time in a month.
Juniors defeat East Moline, 48-10.
Thurs. 19—Bunk Bloom shows up with usual "bunk." Only one more day.
Fri. 20—Fr. Hannon announces that vacation is from 21st to Jan. 2. Short
but it will be sweet.
Sat. 21—Everyone leaves. Frs. Neuzil, Murphy, Van Waus and Welsh are
ordained at Kenrick Seminary.
Thurs. 2 — Classes start as usual.
Bill Hughes is not back, but is to
join Passionist Order. Gerwe is first
Fri. 3—Doc Moore falls asleep during
Philosophy lecture. Wicks and
Mahoney pay us a visit.
Sat. 4—Bill Hughes pays us a visit.
Father M., gives a dissertation on
Stone Age Stuff in Scripture.
Sun. 5—Fr. Neuzil says his first High
Mass in the College Chapel. We
give a banquet to Bill Hughes.
Snow falls heavily and Rev. President calls for volunteer shovelers.
He wants men with strong backs
and weak minds.
Mon. 6—Gerwe plays janitor and
stays up all night to fix frozen water pipes.
Tues. 7—Doc Moore gets a cold, also a haircut. Both "were badly needed.
Wed. 8—Everybody down town. Columbia was fine.
Thurs. 9—Tables in the refectory arranged. Rempe has No. 12. Doc
Moore goes into the infirmary.
Fri. 10—Reading of the Rules. Pete Bohr kneels in Chapel—for quite a
Sat. 11—Amateur Theatricals begin at Movies. Gerwe sang, Ziggy crowed,
Kinnavey imitated (?) a Jew selling cabbages.
Sun. 12—Doc Moore comes out of the infirmary for Mass, but goes back in
immediately. He's like the groundhog.
Mon. 13—John Collins goes 17 times down Wisdom Row corridor.




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