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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Sun. 1—"Huck Fi|jn" arrives back once more in
the fold. He refused absolutely to sing. Glanz
sees a "Flu" germ that survived fumigation.
Mon. 2—Gerwe not at chapel, nor breakfast and
horrors! he departs for home in a taxi. Rumors
of Influenza. No, Raymond, you are not to be
blamed. Exams during regular class periods.
Day scholars sent home, because of Influenza
conditions in Davenport.
Tues. 3—Rumors of closing of school. Wolfe
moves again,—with Flanagan this time. Wolfe
visits in the refectory with good results.
Wed. 4—Al Cone seen walking with Gilbert Wat-
ters. Such a slender companion, Aloysius!
Thurs. 5—"Huck" Finn sings his first song and has
a large and enthusiastic audience. The Colfax "gang" gets a "set up."
Fri. 6—Simons and Moore have a fight. All news concerning the battle
Sat. 7—St. Ambrose Day!
Classes as usual, although the Philosophers
tried to get the day off.
Movies again, also ice
Sun. 8—New members received into Sodality of B.
V/M.. Dr. Walsh speaks
in auditorium.
Mon. 9—New rule promulgated. Roomers and men in dormitories go to Mass on alternate mornings, to avoid "Flu" you know.
Tues. 10—Annual staff has its first meeting. Bill Hughes comes back.
Wed. 11 — Kinnavey late
for chapel and judged by
Rev. President. Floer-
shinger goes to Study
Hall. Al Cone gets the
other end of his pajamas
back from the laundry.
I Reading of rules in
Thurs. 12—A public sale of
all unclaimed laundry
took place in the gym.
Mr. O'Hair was auctioneer.




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