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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


out to accommodate "Flu" patients. Over
thirty cases. Some talk of closing school.
Mon. 14—Ten new cases of Influenza. Everybody has a half-sorry half-hopeful look on
his face.
Tues. 15—Two more cases go to the hospital,
otherwise the "Flu" seems to be at a stand-
Wed. 16—School closes. I leave on the 2:40.
When do you leave?
Mon. 11—Armistice signed. Nobody here to
sign it.
Mon. 18—Classes started at 8:30. Doc Moore
arrives late.
Tues. 19—Eeveryone back at the old grind except Code who has the
Influenza at home.
Wed. 20—Classes all day to make up for the lost time. For the first time the
M. D. has no names up on the "Black List."
Thurs. 21—Snow falls for the first time. Only a few flakes.
Fri. 22—Al Cone takes a bath. We thank you, Al.
Sat. 23—Juniors defeat West Branch. Gerwe defeats Kinnavey.
Sun. 24—Nothing happened out of the ordinary, except we got pie for
Mon. 25—Philosophers finish Logic. "Thank Goodness," says one. Fr.
Hannon smells smoke in Doc Moore's room.
Tues. 26—Senior Philosophers elect Flanagan as Ambrosian delegate; also
elected officers. Philosophers start Criteriology.
Wed. 27—Movies in the auditorium. "Nan of Music Mountain." "Vurr"
good. Third floor has a feed.
Thurs. 28—Thanksgiving Day! Chicken "an everything." Slight disturbances in the abdominal regions of some later
Fri. 29 — Kinnavey and
Flanagan debate on
Hamlet's religious tendencies. Exams announced for next week.
Sat. 30—Many go over to
visit the monkeys at Central Park. Our laundry
this week was a "Wet
Wash." Code arrives.
Hill Hughes departs.




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