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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Sat. 28—Eugene Fitzpatrick comes all the way
from Arlington, 111., unaccompanied by parents.
Sun. 29—New ruling for Davenport boys in Philosophy. Hereafter, when home on Sunday they
must be back for benediction. Ziggy's cassock
arrives. Al Cone gives Flanagan his swivel
Mon. 3G—Doc Moore shines hi^ shoes for the first
time since coming back to St. Ambrose. Jim
Morrow a visitor.
Tues. 1—The Countess seen on the way to the
showers. Jno. Collins gets the key to the smoker with the title of prefect.
Wed. 2—Forty men on blacklist.
Thurs. 3—Free Day on Father Kerrigan; also Neuzil and Mell Morrin
"Dopey" Davis goes on a hunger strike.
Fri. 4—Choir practice for the first time. Some I^^SSM^6^^WiMs
think it sounded good.
Sat. 5—Rempe and Simons get a hair cut, Tony
Wallace shows up and looks quite stout. Indeed he is not a "perfect 36" any more, I am
Sun. 6—We "enjoy" nine reels of "The Victim" in
the auditorium. The operators of the machine
were fairly fast and we get out about 11:30.
Mon. 7—Gerwe has a cold in his "voice." Do you
think Kinnavey did it?
Tues. 8—Fr. McGuire tells the "Special Class" in
Greek that they should study harder. Manning Club organized.
Wed. 9—Al Rempe leaves for Ft. Madison on a
visit. New edict today, lights out at 9:45.
"Flu" breaks out and two fellows go to the hospital. Everybody scared.
Thurs. 10—Fr. Meinberg gives a lecture in Scripture, bringing in the missing link between man and monkey. He didn't say anythink about Dutch
Fri. 11—Eight new cases
of Influenza. Wisdom
Row moves up to the
West Dormitory to give
' the "Flu" a wide berth.
Sat. 12 — Columbus Day.
No classes. Flu is increasing rapidly. "Peg"
Marron shows up minus
one leg.
Sun. 13—Third floor moves




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