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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Tues. 10—School reopens.
Wed. 11—Classes supposed to have started.
Thurs. 12—Several "profs" more, among them
Professor Overberg of the geographical department, and Dean Collins of the school of
vocal expression. Doc. Moore arrives.
Fri. 13—"Ziggy" crows for the first time, when
he sees eggs at the "profs" table.
Sat. 14 — James Whitcomb Riley's works,
especially one, are read and discussed by the
Sun. 15—One of the "raw meat eaters" appears
in chapel and refectory without a coat. Things
wer6 real warm for awhile.
Mon. 16—Farewell party to Eddie O'Connor and Geo. Volz. Broke up at
11:20 p. m. , •
Tues. 17—Tony Jaeger and Rex Hellweg arrive. Both look scared, don't
be afraid of the east boys.
Wed. 18—Code is seen for the first time promenading with a certain Mr.
Thurs. 19—Gerwe sleeps over for the fourth consecutive morning. Ziggy
draws examples from Archaeology and Zoology trying to illustrate a
point in Logic.
Fri. 20—Kinnavey's questionnaire arrives* Doc Moore pronounces Grace
before meals.
Sat. 21—Anti-abdominal massage edict promulgated, otherwise known as
Sun. 22—Rempe spends his first Sunday in "stsen" years outside the
grounds. He says she is an aunt in Rock Island. Shame on you, Aloysius.
Mon. 23—Gerwe persuades Kinnavey to keep the window
open at night. In other words they had a wrestling
Tues." 24—Big feed in honor of Ray Fitzpatrick, who leaves
for S. A. T. C. at Iowa City.
Wed. 25—Henry seen expectorating while walking around
the track. Did gum, or Garrity's old favorite cause this
overflow ?
Thurs. 26—Horrors! Henry smokes a Camel. You're to
blame for this, John Collins.
Fri. 27—An "enjoyable" treatise on rules listened and digested in the Chapel. Many sensations and thrills.
Dramatic ctuff to follow.




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