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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Among the many fellows of St. Ambrose there exists (I should say
vegetates) a society called the Manning Club, and it sure is some society.
Composed of the Philosophers it thinks that it can put it all over; the other
guys, but I'm here to tell you that it cannot.
It has existed for untold centuries, founded I believe by Hercules, who
one day while gazing at the Colossus of Rhodes, received the inspiration of
forming a society of men with strong backs and weak, infinitesimal minds.
Thus the Manning Club came into existence, known then as the Society
of Man.
Since that time it has degenerated into the bunch you see above.
Notice the background of the picture,—that's their new "Frat" house; you
know they have to have something different from us common fellows, some
place where they can loll around and smoke and thus make sponges out of
their brains.
Why when you meet one of those guys walking around he gets that old
"superior" look on his face, and doesn't seem to want to talk to you. He
gives you a slight nod and walks on, just as though he wasn't made out of
the same dust as us "common" fellows.
But why go on raving about this mingling of mirth making mugwumps and the marvelous muster of mastodonic mammals, the Manning
Club? It suffices to say that someone asked me to write my opinion of the
Manning Club, and that I am putting this opinion in my strongest language
so that you, my readers, may know the truth about the internal affairs of
St. Ambrose. —A Commoner.
S. O. S.
Rempe—You think more of your dog than you do of me.
Zig—Well, the dog growls less.
Farber-r-Say, wouldn't it be funny if you were me and I was you?
Casey—Say, I never thought of that, mayl?e we are.




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