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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Fr. Hauber—Mr. Wagner, can you tell us anything about the spinal
column ?
Dutch—The spinal column is a long wavy line. I sit on one end and
my head sits on the other.
Fitz (cutting hair)-—You sure got a rotten haircut last time, Al.
Rempe—I'll say I did.
Fitz—Who cut it.
Rempe—You did.
The future collegians will be great, I venture to predict; 'twill make
the author strain his pate, their antics to depict.
The wonders of the present day, will to the dump have fled; the grads
of this year's class will to some pretty one be wed..
There'll be an end to silly Wolf es, and Gerwe's yoddles too; and all our
choirs's vocal strains, worse than the Spanish flu.
We'll hear the new and gifted bunch, raise up their mighty voice;
"We're better singers than you bums, come hear us and rejoice.
"We have with us a baritone, a vocalist of might; a reg'lar human
graphophone, he sure will be a sight.
"Such marvels as we know we are, no walls will e're enfold, and they
will praise us while we're here, not when we're dead and cold."
What ees deesa dat I hear?
Me in luuve? 0, don' you fear.
I I am not da muushy guy,
Say, "How sweet! O, yes, O, my!"
Make a fuss about a kiss;
I Chasa after pritty miss.
I no lova any girls,
Shina eyes an' lotsa curls.
I am luuve da fruita stan';
Peanut, apple an' banan',
I And a course da oranga, too.
Look, how juicy. Buy a few.
What! You say, I am a dunce!
Say! I was da strong man once.
Jus' look out for what you say:
You be sorry soma day.
—Erik Kraeg.
I Cone (in the Library)—Have you the Pyrrhonic Hypotyposis of Sex-
tus Empiricus ?
Kinnavey—No, only a cold in my head.




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