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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Raymond Ambrose Kinnavey is the
guy that put the "Taurus" in "Taurus
semper est vobiscum." He is so small
that we were unable to obtain physical
statistics of him. However, he is a
bright boy and gives many "bright"
answers in class. His hair is a bright
red, and his age is somewhere between
six and twelve, no one knows nor was
able to find out. He is president of the
Dramatic Club, chiefly because of his
dramatic mode of expression, and, oh!
boy.—how he can talk!
Now we come to Paul Dwyer Moore,
such a pretty name, isn't it? He is
exactly six feet one inch in height, and
weighs 175 pounds. He is a perfect
specimen of young American manhood,
and, as you may imagine, is a whale
at athletics. He was elected Humorous
Editor of the Ambrosian, not, as some
say, because of his ability to handle
such m work, but because of his feet,
which are very humorous. He hails
from Keokuk (do not pronounce with an
"r" sound), and "stoutly" defends his
home town against all comers.
I now wish to introduce to you Francis Simons, surnamed "Ziggy. Words
cannot describe him, so we leave it to
the imagination of the reader. He was
elected President of the Class, principally because he voted for himself, thus
bringing his majority one over that of
his opponent. Ziggy wears glasses, tortoise shell—you know, and can shoot the
"Taurus" almost as well as Kinnavey.
He also shoots pool, carries matches,
and shaves. He was born in Lyons
about thirty years ago, but has yet to
reach the age of reason.




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