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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


B. A. (D.) Ways
This young man is Edward Aloysius
Cone. His home is in Clinton, but he
is at present a patient at St. Ambrose
College. He is five feet tall, weighs 98
pounds, and is a brunette. We, the
class of 1919, elected him president of
the Manning Society, and by his activities during the current year, he has
shown-us his splendid qualities as an
executive, qualities surpassing evsry
predecessor. He is a good looking
young fellow and bright for his age
Next we have Newman Flanagan, the
guy that put the chew in Massachusetts.
He hails from Charlestown, Mass., and,
owing to a slight defect in his manner
of speaking, is also a patient at our institution. He is four feet, eleven inches
in height, and weighs 200 pounds. He
is neither blonde nor brunette, but is
midway between each. For this reason
he parts his hair in the middle. He
was raised on Boston Baked Beans,
hence his cherubic expression and size.
He was elected Editor-in-Chief of the
Ambrosian, chiefly because he has
newspaper interests in the east.
Now let us introduce to you John
Thomas Gerwe, the guy that drank the
port in Davenport. He was born in
Davenport;" about twenty-three years
ago. He weighs 110 pounds and is a
perfect 36. He is a very decided blonde.
Some say this fact is due to Peroxide,
but Kinnavey says that he knew John
when he was in the cradle, and even at
that early age John's hair was—YELLOW. He was chosen First Prefect,
because of his ability to handle "wood,"
which ability he acquired in a certain
lumber yard in Davenport. He has a
beautiful disposition, and a more beautiful complexion, but, Oh! my!—THOSE




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