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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


AS we could not have a Varsity baseball team this year, owing
to the fact that most of our athletes are engaged in serving
their country as soldiers, the Independent team was formed.
Though many of our best athletes were absent, there was still
such a wealth of first-class material that the Athletic Board
deemed it advisable to make use of it. Accordingly, several
of the remaining old veterans took it upon themselves to form a team. As
a result of the election held, George Bouquot, a member of last year's team,
was chosen manager and Eugene McLain, veteran shortstop, was chosen
With these able men at the head a goodly number of diamond stars
was soon collected. In several days' time practice began, and the wonderful pep and speed shown by the aspirants promised well for a whirlwind
aggregation. With three veterans as a nucleus, a well-trained team was
developed in a very short time. Shortstop position was filled to perfect
satisfaction by "Red" McLain, a man who has distinguished himself during the past few years Ms a Varsity shortstop of the first water. For
excellence as a catcher, George Bouquot takes the medal. Being a veteran
of last year, he is onto all the tricks and hooks of the trade. Pitchers were
scarce, but by the help of "Ziggy" Simons, a veteran twirler, and Jim
Fottral, the mound was taken care of to perfection. The other positions
were taken by men lacking somewhat in experience, but showing great
ability as horse-hide handlers. With Father Schoenfelder as coach the
machine began to work smoothly and quickly.
Since the Independents are not a Varsity team, of course the same
class of games as have been played in former years cannot be listed on the
schedule. Nevertheless, the games are very snappy and interesting. As it
is now the middle of the season the results of the schedule cannot be recorded, but it can safely be predicted that the heaviest total of scores will
be marked in favor of the Independents. The following is a list of the
players: Bouquot, McLain, Simons, Costello, Bailey, Fottral, Floerchinger,
Burden, W. Boudewyn, Lipke, Ready, Vermeulen.




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