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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Athletic Conditions for Current Tea
WHEN reassembling time came last Fall it was found that very
few of our former athletes answered the roll. Nearly all of
them were wearing the khaki and learning to go "over the
top." Many, already experts in the business of war, were
in France giving the Germans a taste of American bullets and
pluck. And thus it happens that during this year we have
had no varsity athletics. Although regretting that we could have no representative teams, we are all proud that our fellow-students answered so
well the call of democracy. They have rendered a good account of themselves in the competitive college games, and from reports coming in from
time to time we learn that they have also proved themselves men of set will
and iron nerve in the great game of war.
The first man to go was Coach Jones, who left as soon as war was
declared and sailed lor overseas. He set the good example and within a
few weeks nearly all his pupils followed him. He is a captain now and has
been doing excellent work in the service of the stars and stripes. We sincerely hope that he will soon return to us to develop more teams like the
ones he has developed in the past few years, for these teams have never
been surpassed in the annals of the institution.
Of those who followed him, we point with pride to Mark Devlin, captain of the football eleven; Bill Quigley, captain-elect; Bill Flynn, Bob
Cullinan, Joe Malone, Leo Mollojr, Billy Sheehan, captain of the baseball
nine; Eddie Ryan and Leo Donohoe. All these men have been in camps
throughout the country and the two men last named have seen very
strenuous service overseas. Eddie is in good condition, being fortunate
enough not to be wounded the whole time he was there. Leo, not quite
so fortunate, has been "over the top" several times and the last time over he
received a shrapnel wound in the leg while at the same time he was gassed
severely. For many weeks he lay in the hospital, hovering on the border between life and death. He recovered, however, and has since visited us, telling us many gruesome and frightful things he has experienced. The whole
student body rejoice at his complete recovery and wish him for the future
the best that life can give.
The prospects for athletics next year are very bright ror some of our
old warriors, lately returned from the camps, will without doubt be back
to form the nuclei of new teams. Then, too, there will be many new men
eager to earn distinction on the gridiron, basketball floor and diamond.
Add to this the probability that Coach Jones will again be with us and it
becomes a certainty that we shall once more have invincible teams in every
branch of athletic endeavor. If the future will be as bright as the past was,
we can rest assured of a very successful season next year.




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