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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


At Davenport: Dubuque College vs. St. Ambrose. Our old rivals came to the
ttleground confident of victory. They were at their best, yet when they came up
to bat they were retired with monotonous regularity. Soon the procedure got on
their nerves and they made many protests to our pitcher, "Tony" Wallace. "Tony,"
however, kept on smiling and cutting the ball over the plate with all the conceivable
curves and hooks that fool the best batters. Angry and dejected, Dubuque went home
carrying a well administered defeat with them. Score, 10-8.
At Chicago: University of Chicago vs. St. Ambrose. Owing to the fatigue of
their trip, the Ambrosians were not in the best condition. The great drawback was
that our pitcher had been injured shortly before and so could not handle the ball with
the ease and dexterity which are his natural gifts. As a result the Ambrosians came
away with the pathetic end of the score. Score, 0-11.
At Bourbonnais: St. Viators vs. St. Ambrose. Here again the Ambrosians were
under a handicap on account of the tiresome,slow-train trip and, too, on account of
Wallace's understudy, whose arm was ill-greased and out of whack. The scores captured by the opponents during the first few innings won the game for them. But the
rest of the game was as snappy and close as the first part was wrinkled and loose.
Score, 6-9.
At Davenport: Notre Dame University vs. St. Ambrose. Who can describe this
game? It would take the pen of a Lew Wallace to do justice to it. However, as we
have no such personage in our midst, a weak attempt must suffice. Everybody said it
was the best game ever. A superior game was never played, even in the National
League. Notre Dame anticipated an easy victory, but in the first inning of the game
they were disillusioned, for three of their men walked up to the plate silently and as
silently retired to the bench. After this they wore a look of extreme bewilderment
whenever they came in to bat. For nine innings the Ambrosians played fast and furiously, working all the while with machine-like regularity. The great outstanding
star of this game was our pitcher, "Tony" Wallace. The way he be-fuddled his
opponents at the bat was marvelous. His deliveries were swung at blindly and they
always managed to pass the bat untouched. To top his success he won his own game
by making the hit that brought in the winning score. Notre Dame had to take a
mountain of salt that day to help digest the defeat. Score, 3-2.
This victory was followed by a sad, but not unlooked for event. Over three-
fourths of the team were called to the colors. All the students were sorry that the
team must be broken up, yet proud that they were going away to engage in a contest
vastly more important than any athletics. The remaining part of the schedule was
cancelled and the members of the team went to the several camps, being accorded a
cheering farewell by their fellow-students.
St. Ambrose 10
St. Ambrose 14
St. Ambrose 11
St. Ambrose 10
St. Ambrose 10
St. Ambrose 0
St. Ambrose 6
St. Ambrose 3
Dubuque German College 8
Wartburg 1
Tenth Infantry 2
Sunday Morning Club 3
Dubuque 8
Chicago University 11
St. Viators 9
Notre Dame University 2
St. Ambrose vs. Lombard. St. Ambrose vs. St. Tnunias.
St. Ambrose vs. Northwestern. St. Ambrose vs. Lorn oar d.
St. Ambrose vs. Cornell. St. Ambrose vs. Dubuque.
St. Ambrose vs. Wisconsin State Normal.




St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803