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1919 Yearbook

1919 Yearbook


1919 Yearbook


Varsity Football
Bouquot, Sinnot, Wallace. Griffith Judge, Sheehan, Simmons, Coonan, Devlin, Flynn. McLain.
Morrison, Mascot.
Season of'18
HE team of '18 was a prodigy. Tire schedule show3 this for on it there
are the names of some of the fastest teams of the Middle West. Not
content with annexing the State Championship anl Hawkeye Conference title the Blue and White also snatched the Mid-West Catholic
Conference title. Not another college team in the country can claim
a better record. The achievement is all the more splendid because
of the fact that at the beginning of the season we lost our coach, Mr.
Jones, who departed for "over there." Although the loss was felt keenly the team
was not discouraged. Captain Sheehan consented to act as coach and the wonderful
machine he developed surpassed any in the history of the institution.
The first big game was played at Davenport with the Dubuque German College.
The Dubuque men we*e well trained but they lacked pep and speed, so they went home
with a defeat marked against them. Score, 10-8.
At Clinton: Wartburg vs. St. Ambrose. The Clinton men, never formidable
opponents, were outclassed and outplayed in every inning of the game. Though the
score was big the game was well worth seeing. Score, 14-1.
At Davenport: Tenth Infantry vs. St. Ambrose, The army boys played hard
and earnestly but were no match for the speedy and hard-hitting Ambrosians. Score,
At Davenport: Sunday Morning Club vs. St. Ambrose. This club is composed
of all the wounded and missing stars of the big leagues. Consequently they were able
to put up a game fight. They were especially handy with the bat. However, at the
conclusion of the game they pulled the short straw. Score, 10-3,




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