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1972 Yearbook

1972 Yearbook


1972 Yearbook


The first major musical offering by the St. Ambrose
College Music Dep't. in the lush surroundings of the
new Auditorium of the Fine Arts Building was "La Peri-
chole". This was the English version of Jacques Offenbach's comic opera. The show was produced by Fr. Don
Eldred with music directed by Fr. James Greene. Andy
Reagan directed the show and choreography was the
responsibility of Mrs. George Koenigsaeker. Joe Pacha
did the stage design. A splashy entertainment, La Peri-
chole gave the audience a full measure of sight and
sound as scores of dancers and singers filled the house,
The cast numbered about three-score and was aided by
the College Orchestra in offering the community a truly
enjoyable evening.




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