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1972 Yearbook

1972 Yearbook


1972 Yearbook


In Memoriam
Father Joseph Braig, accomplished mountaineer, Sociology Instructor, and friend to many at St. Ambrose, died
unexpectedly on May 21, 1971.
Having guided mountain climbing expeditions in Peru,
Europe, Africa, Canada, and Russia, he said of his experiences, "The great thing about climbing is beating yourself, exceeding what you think you can do. The wind
beating at your face, your legs are numb, and you know
you can't move, but while you know you can't, you do.
One leg at a time."
A Memorial mass was celebrated for Fr. Braig on September 12, 1971 in Christ the King Chapel, St. Ambrose
The Big Brothers and Sisters of SAC
and MC are a part of worthwhile activity silently undertaken by a number of the concerned students.
These people have succeeded in
translating all the social academics
into pursuits such as teaching and
tutoring, and supervising needy
children. In conjunction with
Friendly House in Davenport, and a
minimal grant from the SGA, they
were able to deliver a Christmas
party to these youngsters complete
with Santa. Through work like this
the academic is augmented in realistic terms for future activity in
striking correct social balances.




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