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1972 Yearbook

1972 Yearbook


1972 Yearbook


There was nothing particularly academic or personal, rational or "rah-rah" about the 71-72 year.
In the search for an adequate sumnation of the
past year at St. Ambrose it became painfully clear
that there really was nothing notable. This year, for
the first time since the cry went up at Berkeley, there
has been no marching, no protesting, no one topic of
burning immediacy in the student union.
It appears as though the Freshman classes of four
years ago were really challenging themselves to
search for the avenues of improvement in the human situation. We are now questioning ourselves,
caught in the echo of our own protest. To a certain
extent we have, on the general scale, assumed the
posture of non-committment which we ourselves
abhorred only recently.
It can be said that the inertia is not wholly rooted
in apathy. A rethinking of the definition of the individual is in the works. It is a more elusive thing to
establish a new direction than to decide the shortcomings of the old one. We are approaching the age
of the "common man" once again, an era in which
we will have to identify ourselves more outside our
employment, more for that which may accent our
overall lifestyle.
Hopefully we will have been exposed to something
here at Ambrose that will flavor our worthwhile pursuits. This "stuff" can and does exist within a seriously considered liberal education. A well educated
man will have learned something of himself in his
years of formal schooling, not the least of which is a
reconsideration of himself and the institutions that
surround him.




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