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1983 Yearbook

1983 Yearbook


1983 Yearbook


An Irishman
Speaks On
Irish History
Dr. Lawrence McCaffrey speaks, with Bishop
O'Keefe in back.
Dr. Lawrence J. McCaffrey, a professor of history at Loyola University, Chicago, spoke Aug. 24, 1982,
at the Centennial Year Convocation
and Prayer Service. He spoke on a
subject he is an authority on —
Irish history and Irish studies. His
lecture spanned from the first Irish
immigrants to the United States in
the 1800s to the present-day conflict in Northern Ireland. During
his stay at his alma mater (he
graduated from St. Ambrose in
1949), he also spoke to the History
of Christianity class and the
American Novel class.
His lecture marked the opening of
the first class at St. Ambrose one
hundred years ago. He, along with
John A. Schneider (Iowa City, Iowa)
and Rev. Robert J. Welch (Betten-
dorf, Iowa) received honorary degrees from St. Ambrose.




St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803