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1983 Yearbook

1983 Yearbook


1983 Yearbook


Art Club's Just
Having Some Fun
Harry, put that tongue back in your mouth!
Brian Griebel, Carol Rininsland and Ron Fellin on a typical afternoon just having
some fun.
"So, I'm telling you - it's the truth . . . Our car practically was
on fire and Ken said a prayer over it, and I had to ride on a
stranger's motorcycle into McCausland, Iowa, because I had a
friend there who sold used cars — and we had to get another car
somehow — and all of that noise, just to get to Galena!?!" Why do
these things always seem to happen to ART students, and why is
it that no one ever believes us!?! Definitely a different breed - but
always ready to discuss something out of the ordinary, share a
brew or a laugh, or maybe just sit on a hill with some fruit and
cheese sketching or creating images from our ideas because it's
what we need to do. Art is what we're seeking, discovering and
creating — it's a struggle, sure - sometimes, but it fills us - it's our
living . . . "Anyway, Brian wanted to give this stuffed scarecrow a
cig to smoke and the silly thing started to smoke because it was
on fire . . . but hey, that's just another crazy story ..."
Ron Fellin and Les Bell on a hill in Galena, Ill.




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