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1983 Yearbook

1983 Yearbook


1983 Yearbook


One hundred years have passed since the beginning of St. Ambrose
College, one hundred years of developing, striving, failing, succeeding. A
countless number of people has passed through the hallways of this
institution, taking from it the rewards of knowledge and growth, and
giving to it a part of themselves.
The word "institution" can sound so cold. A better term for St. Ambrose
is "community." A century of existence is a foundation that holds strong,
and the strength arises from the many who have become a part of this
Now, at the end of its first century, St. Ambrose reaches a turning point.
2,185 people were enrolled in the 1982 Fall semester, setting a new enrollment record for the college. A high enrollment means new faces, larger
crowds, and naturally more growth. But in the midst of all this expansion,
the beauty lies in the fact that the individual is remembered.




St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803