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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


of former conquests (dorm, and study-hall) for a certain misdemeanor. They are
also to make a deep study of life around the campus on Wednesday afternoons for an
indefinite period. One of their first escapades during this period was a visit to the
boulevard through the courtesy of O'Hair. February 26th. Howard O'Neil showed
signs, this morning in chapel, of also being in need of something to entertain him.
March 2nd. Metelka visits the M. of D. and explains just why he indulged in his
favorite brand of "humps" while in the locker rooms. March the 10th. The writer's
birthday but, although a free day was wanted, none was forthcoming. The campus
is filled with baseball enthusiasts. Sure signs of spring. March 15th. The first
annual banquet of the "Frat House" gang was held. Oyster soup held the main place
on the menu. Next day oysters were not so popular. Everybody hoping the Easter
vacation will bring forward some good old spring weather. March 17th. The fourth
quarterly examinations are being held.
(Help! Help! 83 days 'til June 8th.)
March 21st. First call for baseball. About thirty men appear for tryouts. Prospects look good for a strong team. March 23rd. Easter vacation begins. Another
period of silence for the corridors of St. Ambrose. March 28th. Easter vacation
ends. We's on the last lap. Guess we'll have to hunt up a job for the summer
Gotta go to press now.
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