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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


discovery in physics lab. Prefects of the dormitories were busy during these days arranging room for private roomers who were tried and found guilty. January 10th.
Varsity registers first victory. The Blackhawk Mattress Co. being the victims. Students were conspicuous at this game—by their absence. Must study for semi-finals.
All live stock being groomed for the tests. January 13th. The Muscatine K. C.'s
won from the Varsity in a clever exhibition of basket ball. The next evening S. A. C.
won from Lombard. And on the 15th the Juniors played Geneseo. Sufficient. The
classes, during these days, passed on their
ways accordingly.
(Thinking, ever thinking of those 144
days 'til June 8th.)
January 26th. Semi-annual examinations make their appearance on the horizon. Well trained "ponies" are brought
forward and put through their paces.
However, there were some miscalculations. January 31st. Laundry returns
and the laundry-man wanted to know
what all the shirt cuffs were marked up for. Showing that
he never attended college. February 1st. Second semester
starts. All students passed on to new lines of work with
the exception of those who received encores. February 6th.
Gilbert and Fennell entertain the boys in the refectory with
a little sparring match. It was declared a draw ; "Fat" succeeding in getting Francis seated, and Fennell getting more
eats. We forgot to mention the D. H. S.-Junior game here
but it is probably just as well. Geneseo also trounced us in
the return game. February 11th the East Moline team
played the Juniors here and were beaten. We had "Corn
Flakes" and milk and lots of sugar for breakfast this morning. Tradition is being slapped in the face this year. A feed
like this keeps us from our dreams of :—
(Only 117 days 'til June 8th.)
Washington's birthday on the 22nd of February was the
cause of another free day. Good old Gawdge. We're all
with him. Father Tackenberg assists Mr. Yancy with his
physics classes owing to the illness of the latter. "Red"
Sheehan again leaves chapel in the middle of services that he might partake of his pre-
breakfast smoke. Keeler, West, Mitchell, and Morrison are invited to visit the scenes
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