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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


7th of December the feast of the patron of the school was celebrated. Among the
pleasant recollections of that day are the good things we placed ourselves around at the
hours of 12 M. and 6 P. M. This was followed by the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Another free day. On December 10th the Juniors opened the basket ball
season with a win over St. Patrick's of Iowa City. Students begin thinking of the
Christmas vacation. Too many ignoring the rules, hence a reminder in the chapel in
charge of the M. of D.
(Still thinking of those 174 days 'til June 8th.)
The Juniors chalked up another victory on December 17th. This
time the Wilton aggregation were the victims. The Varsity also opened
their season on this day. Sad to say, the first game was a defeat at the
hands of Monmouth at Galesburg. On the 18th the unexpected news
that Christmas vacation would begin immediately was given out. All
students depart for their respective homes, "Pete" alone remaining.
(All thought of the 172 days 'til June 8th laid aside for a
few days.)
Monday, January 3rd, brought to an end the Christmas vacation and the arrival of a few students was recorded. Stories of
the good times at home were the main topics. And wonderful
thoughts of that delicious Christmas turkey, chicken, or duck
"swimming in its own gravy", still lingered in the minds of the
returned ones. Several new faces were to be seen on the campus. During the holidays
the Juniors visited East Moline and administered defeat to that city's high school
basket ball team. It is rumored that a certain member of the "Frat House" was
guilty of hiring a taxi to conduct himself to his quarters from the depot. Evidently
prosperous during his stay at home. Mike returned late as was predicted. "I can't
see where that man is no more" said Pieffer. W. Shoenfelder still shows signs that
he needs someone or something to amuse him in
(We will now sit back and, once more, await
June 8th.)
January 7th. Dixon High School came to
battle our Juniors. This proved to be one of
the most interesting games of the year. Waiters kept busy delivering pies and sauces won or
lost on the Dixon game. Lillys makes startling
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