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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


ences during the World War. The Juniors established a good
claim on the Tri-City Championship when they won from Geneseo on November 6th. Basket ball leagues were started on
November 7th. Campion College came to S. A. C. on the 13th ;
they saw; but they departed with the short end of a 26-7 score.
The only team to score on the Varsity this season.
(Only 207 days 'til June 8th.)
November 14th found Hines and Gorman slowly recovering from the surprises of
the K. of C. initiation. They are expected soon to regain their old time condition,
that of "shootin' their wonderful line". We forgot to mention the free day on November 11th, Armistice Day. That brings the grand total up to two for the semester.
On November McGivern entertained the "boobological" gang with a one-act tragedy entitled "Wait 'til I Git the Bazou What Stole My Cap", written and composed
by himself. The good ole-plug-o-climax was passed around and peace once more
reigned. The 18th was made memorable by the rendition of a
French poem by the one and only Nevin.
(This brings us back to that wonderful thought :—only 200
days 'til June 8th.)
Ellsworth College sent her hopefuls here on November 20th
to battle St. Ampro's. They departed a weaker, sadder, and a
wiser team. The final score was 75-0. This year's team developed themselves into a fast, well-oiled machine and hung up a
great record. On November 25th the football season came to a
close with the Juniors giving the fast DeWitt team a decisive
beating on the latter's field. The period between the 25th of
November and the 10th of December found the forming and
beginning of the major and minor leagues of basket ball. On the
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