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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


On September 8, 1920, we began our tour of Saint
Ambrose College. The trails seemed to be in first class
condition and our machines were running smoothly.
With very efficient skippers at the wheels this new year
at Saint Ambrose promised to be the banner year of
them all. This first day was devoted to the enrolling
of the students, and, of course, in the afternoon the
Columbia had first call. "Ray" Fitzpatrick, of last year's graduating class, was a
visitor at the school.
(And only 275 days 'til June 8th.)
No classes on the 9th, and incidentally a poor showing at Chapel. More students,
the first contingent of late arrivals, made their appearance. On the tenth of September
classes were started (for boarders) and the usual confusion in finding class rooms
ensued. The first reading of the rules occurred on this day, an occurrence looked
forward to by the "young" and dreaded by the "old". First call for Junior and
Midget football aspirants was sounded and a goodly crowd turned
out. On the eleventh we had general permission—almost.

(Ho! Hum! And only 272 days 'til June 8th.)

On the 22nd only one Mass was celebrated, and, owing to the
inability of some of the veterans to hear the bell, a permission was
given to go to the Cathedral to Mass. In the afternoon an informal
baseball game was held. Monday the 13th all classes were started,
and more confusion. "Dutch" Wagner paid his first annual visit.
Our new students from the extreme eastern part of the United
States made their appearance on the 16th.
(Don't forget, only 268 days 'til June 8th.)

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