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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


His Trade
R. Lawlor : "What is meant by the expression, 'bones of contention'?"
H. Stack : "It probably refers to cocked dice."
And They Call It Love
"Ah, this—can it be love?" sighed the maid as she sat on a seat in the park, with
Jim's arm around her and his soft voice whispering fondly in her ear. "It is, my
darling," Jim assured her. "But tell me, sweet one, how do you feel?" "I feel,"
cooed the lady, "as though my heart would leap from my throbbing breast! My
parched throat contracts and then expands, while my breath comes in quick, choking
There was a sudden rustle in the bushes behind; then as a sleeping tramp crawled
forth and glowered at them, "I'd take something for it, miss," he growled, "that ain't
love you've got; it's hiccups."
Easy Enough
Superintendent : "How long did you work at your last job?"
Applicant : "Ten years."
Superintendent : "What doing?"
Applicant : "Ten years."
We hear of the famous shows entitled "The 49ers". Why not start a show entitled "The 69ers of S. A. C"?
No, the staff of this annual is not Scotch. Well, I know, but everybody didn't
think they were as crooked as they really are.
Get This
Norton : "Say, do you think I'll ever be much of a typewriter?"
Woeber : "We-el—if you do I'll still continue to use an Underwood."
Gannon, immediately after his last stormy interview with the president : "Well,
boys, I guess I'm one of the Alumni now."
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