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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


More Truth Than Fiction
Young Lady at Varsity Game : "Look at the mud on
those fellows' shoes. How do they get it off?"
Costello : "Huh ! What do you s'pose the scrub team's
You Win
Fr. Lawler : "Gilbert, you have a constitution of
G. Watters : "Ahem! Well! I've always wondered
what made me so heavy."
A Veteran
MacGivern : "Packey, you look as if you had been
Packey : "Why, how's that?"
Mac : "You've got powder marks all over your face."
The Gong Saved Him
Professor Hopkins rushes into one of his classes quite late and explodes as follows:
"If any one is absent please raise your hand."
Of all the contradictions I've ever heard,
The name chili-con-carne is the most absurd.
Another Contradiction
"Jew" Murphy : "Say, what's that girl's name?"
Burden : "Which one?"
"Jew" : "The farthest one this way."
A Problem
Did he quit? Did he resign? Was he canned? Was he sick? Wouldn't his folks
let him? Does his shorthand take up too much of his time? Please answer this for
the rest of us dummies. However, be that as it may, Boyles has not been seen on the
prefect's chair the last few weeks.
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