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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Things We Want to Do, Try to Do, But Can't Get By With
Get some real jokes for this department. Get a general average of 99.99 ;
Be in to class on time ; Eat all the spuds ;
Talk in class-room and study-hall ; Sleep over mornings ;
Get by in class without preparation ; Wallop Augustana ;
Have seven nights a week off ; Beat Davenport High ;
Prof. Collins : "What is the shape of the earth?"
Keloides : "Round."
Collins : "How do you know it is round?"
Keloides : "All right, it is square then,—I don't want to start an argument."
Professor : "Francis, what do you like best around St. Ambrose?"
Fennell : "The vacations."
Father Meinberg : "Why is it, O'Connor, that you fat men are so good natured?"
O'Connor : "We have to be, for we can neither fight nor run."
Seen in One of Our Exchanges
The wrecked car plunged into a tree and came to a stop with the wheels broken in
the middle of the street.
Fr. Shoenfelder called on E. Hines for a translation in Latin. Hines said he didn't
have his lesson.
Fr. S.: "You were sore at me last night, were you not?"
Hines : "Yes."
Fr. S.: "Well, I didn't lose much sleep last night over it."
Hines : "Yes, Father, I slept nine hours last night myself."
In the sport world many records were broken by man and beast in 1920, but they
haven't a thing on Barney Hynes. He smashes a theory every day.
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