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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Rippling Rhymes by H. B.
He sat in the shade of the palm of his hand and
slowly dotted his eyes ; then he cut from his trunk with
his shoulder blades, a limb, with a great many sighs.
He took from the limb a full grown calf, and fed it on
nails from his toes. Then filled with remorse at the
loss of his sole, he jumped from the bridge of his nose.
He lit in his chest and on he sailed beneath the broken
arches. Then into the alimentary canal he passed, to
the land of proteins and starches.
Oh, You!
Stirk : "This street needs repairing."
Reidy : "Do you suppose that's what the pavement when it flew up and hit me the
other day?"
The lion is a mighty beast but the chicken is miteier.
A Bit of History
Gorman : "The year 1765 was a banner year for vaudeville."
Hickey : "Why?"
Gorman : "That was the year the stamp act was introduced. That's the most important act of all times."
Gannon comes to Geometry class fifteen minutes late.
Professor : "Why are you late, John?"
John : "Sorry, Father, but I've just been to Father Barry's History class and I overslept."
B. Hynes comes forth with the information that he read in the Charlotte Record
about a man drowning to death while skating on ice. Quite remarkable, Barney.
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