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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


We went to DeWitt a hundred strong.
To make it interesting we took plenty of jack along ;
We offered the lucre all down the line,
Then we argued and pleaded, but didn't get a dime.
The game started slow with not a score for either side,
But soon Judge dropped back and gave the ball a pretty ride,
DeWitt scored first, the dope was upset,
But the Juniors were wise, what they wanted was a bet.
Again the money was offered with no takers at all,
There were no suckers present ; no one would fall.
Then the gang, disturbed because no one would gamble,
Picked up the ball and down the field they did ramble.
Gannon back in his old home town
Opened up holes for down after down,
The Saints fought hard until they had gathered
Full twenty points, and DeWitt's hopes were shattered.
The final score was twenty to nine,
With the ball resting on DeWitt's thirty-yard line,
The outcome of the game was not a surprise,
But the lack of bets was too much for the guys.
Of course we can be thankful that we won the game,
And on the DeWitt betters we lay all the blame,
But the ride on the truck was not such a treat,
And we're sure that we're not the only ones that had cold feet.
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