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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


As I Was Cap
Professor : "Garvey, you ought to have your face slapped."
Garvey : "Maybe so, but I'll try my best to get along without it."
Strenuous Exercise
"What's the idea? Just because that bird is the basket ball captain, does he think
he can monopolize the conversation all evening?"
"Let him alone. He's developing his wind."
"How does that strike you?" said DeClerk as he dropped the medicine ball on
Green's head.
W. McCabe : "Why do you not allow Lawler in your room?"
Burden : "Because he has such a cigarette habit."
McCabe : "That's nothing. Most men smoke."
Burden : "Sure; but he's always smoking mine."
M. D.: "Were you ever told to report to me in the past?"
Leo Lucier : "Honest, now, Father, do I look like a bud jest makin' me dayboo?"
In Biology
Professor : "Where do the jelly-fish get their jelly?"
Vermulen : "From the ocean currants."
Stack : "I was knocked flat by a twin six"
G. McCabe : "That's very unfortunate."
Stack : "Yes, it was very unnatural. Shot a 12 in a crap game!"
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