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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Pieffer : I can't see where that screw got to no more!
Sinnott : Through with the Tribune yet?
G. Watters : Anybody fixed the fire yet?
The Pres.: Let's see, what's your name?
M. D.: If this isn't stopped more stringent measures will be used!
Boyle : I'll have no suggestions from you!
The Vice Pres.: Y'see ?
B. Hynes : That generally always happens!
Fottral : Well, gol durn it, we oughto won!
Any Prefect : Get out o' here!
Jordan : Got 'ny cigarettes ?
Durkin : Let me have two-bits 'til tomorrow!
The Coach : Com'on, Tom!
Barnes : Kin-e-do-this, or, kin-e-do-that?
Gibson : *s*x,?!XXoe";;::?o&***8,IT.
Ex M. of D.: I'll-throw-you-out-of-this-room-without-opening-the-door!
Prefect of Studies : What in the heck is going on!
Ott : You will find Power in my every word!
A Gentleman
A man who is clean both outside and inside ; who neither looks up to the rich nor
down to the poor ; who can lose without squealing and win without bragging ; who is
considerate of women, children and old people ; who is too brave to lie, too generous
to cheat, and who takes his share of the world and lets other people have theirs.
We don't know what they put into those bootleg cocktails, but we notice the price
of gasoline has nearly doubled since they started to make 'em.
The geophone, an instrument by which a telephone conversation can be carried on
through half a mile of solid rock, has been perfected, announces the United States
Bureau of Mines. This is a splendid invention—but how about an apparatus by
which one can get the right number through five inches of solid ivory?
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