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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


To be or not to be? That is the question which confronts the minds of the youthful
citizen of today. Those who think it ought to be ; why? And those who think it
ought not to be. Why not? To those who say that it should be ; why should it be?
And to those who say that it should not be ; why should it not be? If it should be
what it should not be then it should not be what it should be, which is perfectly clear.
Now there are some who insist that it will be, while others on the other hand insist
that it will not be. We glean from that, that it cannot be what it will be if it will
be what it cannot be. To all fair-minded chaps this seems to be the only logical conclusion. Think It Over on Your Piano.
Fr. H. G. T.: "Fitzpatrick, what reward did Pharoah give Joseph for
saving them from the famine?"
Fitzpatrick : "Father, they had a big parade for him."
Fr. Lawler : "Which is the best way to get oxygen?"
Fitzpatrick : "Make it, Father."
D. Hannon, to his arithmetic class : "I like to hear good men talk but I don't like
to do all the talking."
Wagner : "That stuff we drank must have had wood alcohol in it."
B. Hynes : "Yes, my eyes hurt after drinking it."
Wagner : "So did mine."
B. Hynes : "If you can't see anything when you start to class you'll think you are
going blind."
Watters comes in with this : "Well, Mr. Hynes, if he couldn't see anything he
would sure know he was going blind."
(Barney gets the blue-goose.)
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