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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


They strolled through the woods in the height of their
When full on her lips he planted a—bon-bon.
He gazed in her eyes and noted their charm,
As deftly he slipped 'round her slim waist an—apron.
He noted the green grass—it formed a proud rug,
Quite swiftly he did this ;—he gave her a—cough drop.
But ah! something falls! he stoops, 'tis her glove,
While kneeling he grandly to her offers his—handkerchief.
He beholds on the ground a modest primrose;
Ah! he has an idea! He feels he will—sneeze.
Oh! Alas! She's refused him! She wishes to part,
And the blow has nigh killed him—she's broken his—
Fr. Stahl : "Lawerence, give your opinion of Wordsworth. What do you think
of him?"
L. Falvey : "My idea of him is that he's just another good farmer gone wrong."
Fr. Meinberg reading : " ' . . . which people were representatives from the land
of Luther and Bismarck'—by the way, what is the land of Luther and Bismarck?"
Fitzpatrick : "Hell."
Now in the language of Leonard Slowie, "We wouldn't say that."
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