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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


H. McCabe Entertains
Tuesday evening at 9:30, the Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dumb-
belles met at H. McCabe's sweet 4-i,
Dismal Heights. During the program
Sinnott read the Tribune.
After the program a three-course
tete-a-tete was served. Apple cider,
poker and horse-shoe. The party was
Aid Society Organized
A number of young folks met with
Miss Patricia Judge and organized the
Lemon-aid Society. Covers were laid
for an even dozen Lemons. Among
the most prominent were : Miss Pauline
Lessin, Jennie Fitzpatrick, Mrs. V.
O'Neil and Josephine McCarthy.
The Basket Ball League was organized during the winter months. The
league was organized for the purpose
of shooting baskets. As we go to press
we have heard of no shot or even half
shot receptacles. Owing to the shape
of the court all members of the league
played on the square. It goes without
saying (the truth) that the season was
very successful.
Nuptials Announced
The approaching marriage of Miss
Classical Music, of New York, Chicago, etc., to Mr. Emmet Crowley, of
Davenport, Iowa, was announced at
the first annual meeting of the Lemon-
Aid Society. The bride, although a bit
ancient, is very well known and very
popular in the exclusive circles of the
United States, and it was only by the
means of constant attention and ardent
devotion that Mr. Crowley was able to
win the fair hand. Although it is quite
contrary to form, the friends of Mr.
Crowley will endeavor to show the
high esteem in which they hold him by
giving him a prenuptial shower in the
gymnasium, whenever it is convenient
to the janitor.
Informal Held
The President of the college held an
informal reception in his room for two
young students, at eight o'clock Tuesday morning, January 15. The two
young men were brought into prominence by arriving at the morning
chapel exercise after the doors had been
closed. After the customary program,
the visitors were given reminders of
the occurrence.
Do you remember way back when
S. A. C. played Hawkeye Conference
athletic teams?
These little spectacles invert
figures. Very handy after
exams. To be presented to
parents. Will convert 69 to
Wm. McCabe Galena Hall
Were you very sick when you had the
flu, Rastus?
Rastus : Sick? Sick! Man, ah wus
so sick 'at night that when I wake up
in the mawnings I look in de casualty
list for my name.
A young fellow of sixteen, who had
quit school and was loafing around,
was given a lecture by his father one
"Young man," said father, "do you
know that when Abraham Lincoln was
your age he was splitting rails?"
"I do," replied the smart young son;
"and do you know when he was your
age he wras President of the United
"Say, mamma," said the youngest,
"please answer one more question for
"Very well, dear. What is it?"
"Why is it that little fishes don't
drown before they learn to swim?"
In the spring a young man's fancy
turns to,— Hey! you birds! Can that
noise, or up you go. There, now, it's
quiet again. I'll try another shot at!
this poem. In the spring,— Oh! Heck!
Can't study in this place. Gotta notion
ta quit this job. Get outa here, Murphy! And you know what "Get outa
here" means. It's the M. D. for you.
Guess I'll try some other study. This
poetry is too dry, anyway. Here comes
that man, Murphy. Well? Can't find
the M. D.? Try and find the president,
then. Now we'll try the art of studying once more. Well, I'll be—there
goes the bell. Too nice a night to
study. Come on. you fellows; get out of
here in order. Turn out those lights
and let's go.
Sergeant : Halt. You can't go in
Private Murphy : Why not, sir?
Sergeant : Because it's the general's
Murphy : Then, bedad, what are
they doing with "Private" above the
The bunting attack of our team
should be awarded first prize in the
homade hootch kolem.
"Are you fond of Hogg's Tales?"
asked a lady of a farmer.
"Yes, I like 'em with salt on 'em,"
was the answer.
"I mean, have you read Hogg's
"No, ma'am; my hogs' tails are all
white or black. I don't think there is
a red one among them."
Barnum says that there is one born
every minute. However, Barnum never
attended S. A. C.
H. Stack's questions in Christian Doctrine class pull down second money.
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