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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Davenport, IA., Mar. 3. (Special.)—
The John mentioned above is not John
Barleycorn as most dry-minded people
would expect, but our own John O'Donnell. The fortunate young man was
interviewed this morning by Reporter
Jack Cosgrave, and although he was in
a very nervous condition, managed to
give a quite complete account of the
O'Donnell was going home late in
the evening and as he passed a throng
of young people on a corner, a foot
disengaged itself from the gathering
and endeavored to become acquainted
with the vertebrae of John. But the
young musician, wise in the ways of
street corner gatherings, did not verbally resent the approach, but continued
on his way.
The ruffians, after making a few unprintable remarks, proceeded to take
John into camp. But the young man
did not hesitate in the least and lost no
time in giving freedom to his feet. The
remaining blocks to the O'Donnell home
were covered in double-quick time. Arriving there, the star salesman lost no
time in scurrying in and up the stairs
to hide beneath his bed, where he was
sure of perfect safety.
The offense has been reported to the
officials, but as yet no arrests have been
made. John is expected to regain his
composure in a few years.
College Auditorium
E. R. HINES, Esq.
will lecture on
The Difficulty of Graduating
Mr. Hines is in an excellent position to give the exact data on
this subject.
(Be careful of Jesse James at the doer)
Help Wanted—Male
WANTED—Three strong men to help
clean room every month. Several
days work guaranteed. Liberal pay
will be given survivors. Apply McGuire & Bouquot.
WANTED—A competent man to take
the part of "Simon Legree" in the
little playlet, "Managing a Studyhall".
Plenty of abuse assured. Inquire J.
Collins, R. F. D. No. 348.
WANTED—An agile young man to
tie my shoes. Must be able to handle
heavy objects as I change shoes twice
a dav. Phone "Fat" O'Connor.
WANTED—A young man to milk and
run automobile. Write D. McGinn,
Delmar, Iowa.
For Sale
FOR SALE—1,000 shares in the Panama Ice Packing Co. Apply soon as
the stock is melting away. R. Coughlin, Phone 1492.
WANTED—Someone to entertain us
personally during chapel hours. Old
man under 23 preferable. Must have
complete change of repertoire at each
service. W. Schoenfelder, McDonald
and Stack.
WANTED—To bet anyone $5.00 that
I can get up and leave chapel, and if
the M. D. tells me to sit down, I will
refuse and continue on my way. I'm
a rough bird, I am. Witmer, No. 2.
During the past few years it has been
the contention in some of the Mid-
Western colleges that athletes from the
New England states excel in prowess.
This matter has been carefully studied
and checked over by the leading critics
of the present time, and they find that
not only does Iowa have as large a
proportion of athletes, but also that the
Iowa men excel the eastern products in
all branches of the sport. In many colleges in the western states the opportunity to compare men has arisen, and
in nine cases out of ten the western
men have proven superlative.
The eastern states have the right to
think that their men are the cream of
the land, but their opinion does not
affect the truth ; neither does it alter it.
June 9, 1920.—The faculty of the
University of Passemall have a new and
up-to-the-minute method of operating
their school. Before any rule is put
into effect, the Student Council is consulted and allowed to O. K. all such
rules. The old rules were found to be
a detriment to some students, hence
each one is treated individually and
shown the best of courtesy. Hail Ye
Student Council! (Contrib.)
Passemall. (Special.)—For the past
several weeks the investigating committee of the Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Dumb Belles has been
carrying on secret investigations as to
the causes of the vile odors issuing
from the regions of the chemical department. It is thought that underhanded work has been done, but as yet
the body of the unfortunate victim has
not been found. The committee is willing to admit that there is a chance of
their being wrong in suspecting foul
play, but all clues point to such action.
Contest for All
On another page of this paper will
be found a seemingly meaningless line
of hieroglyphics. To the squirrel solving this puzzle will be given the College Prize Nut. In answer please state
complexion of nut desired.
Subscribe for Psychosomna,
The paper with the news.
We fight high costoliving,
We do not fight the booze.
A wheel chair should be furnished
the head waiter to be used in passing
the mail. Under present conditions we
receive our letters a la gravy.
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