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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


"Eddie" Norton, Acad. '20, returned to St. Ambrose during the winter months.
He is now a student in the Commercial Department.
Edmund Dorgan, Acad. '20, is now employed as agent for the Old Colony Life
Insurance Company of Davenport.
Wm. Stackhouse, Acad. '20, is at home in the city.
Justin Healey, Davenport, Leo Angerer, Muscatine, Joseph Peschel, Clinton, members of the Commercial Class of 1920, are at their respective homes.
John O'Donnell, Eugene Gorman, Arthur Hickey, Joseph Barnes, Francis Collins,
Ignatius Peiffer, Acad. '20, have returned to gain further knowledge at St. Ambrose.
Harold Britt, Arthur McGivern, Charles Costello, and Harold Ott, Acad. '19, are
writh the above mentioned crowd.
Julian Glanz, Acad. '19, is now in the employ of Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.
Prof. E. J. Bashe, until last Fall a professor at St. Ambrose, is now engaged in the
same profession at the State University of Iowa. The departure of Professor Bashe
was much regretted by all who knew him and everyone wishes him future success at
the University.
P. F. Ryan, Com. '11, now has an excellent position in the C, M. & St. P. roundhouse at Nahant.
Harry Taylor, Com. '14, was wedded last October to Miss Madeline Jaeger at the
Sacred Heart Cathedral. They are at present living in Davenport.
We feel that we must mention the great work that has been done by the Rev. A. J.
Zaiser of Ft. Madison. Father Zaiser never attended St. Ambrose as a student, but
was Master of Discipline here from 1891-94. One of his most cherished treasures is a
gold-headed cane presented to him by the students at his departure in 1894.
Father Zaiser began to build up the parish of Ft. Madison immediately upon his
arrival there in 1898. He started out by building a parish residence, the lower section
of which he used as a school until the present one was built. While he has been at
Ft. Madison his duties as chaplain at the State Penitentiary have been a source of joy
to the inmates, and he is held in high esteem by everyone connected with the prison.
Rev. Zaiser is a convert to the Catholic faith, his father having been a Methodist
clergyman and he himself having studied for the Methodist ministry. He
is an eloquent orator and his entertaining and instructive "talks" on "How I became a
Catholic," "My experiences with the Ouija Board," and "Twenty-two years as chaplain at the State Prison," are always well received by non-Catholics as well as Catholics.
Mr. Harry B. Crimmins, S. J., is now a professor of English at Rockhurst College,
Kansas City, Mo. He was a student at St. Ambrose from 1911 to 1913 when he left
to join the Jesuit Novitiate at Florissant, Mo.
We here mention a few words concerning the Reverend B. F. Meyer, A. F. M.,
who is now in China doing foreign missionary work. Father Meyer has been in China
for over a year and occasionally letters from him tell us of the hardships that he is
undergoing converting the Chinese pagans to Christianity. He is much revered by his
followers and they look up to him as their bodily as well as their spiritual doctor. The
following is an extract from a magazine for which he has written this article: "There
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