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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


"Jerry" Woeber, Acad. '19, has returned to his Alma Mater to increase his
Adolph Peiffer, Acad. '16, is taking care of his father's farm at Harper, Iowa.
Wm. Quigley, star back-field man for the Varsity of '17, held down the quarterback berth with the University of Detroit during the past football season. On the
same team were also McCormick and Fitzgerald, members of the memorable Varsities
of '16 and '17.
Aloysious Peiffer, Acad. '05, is an engineer on the Main Line of the Rock Island
Railroad between Des Moines and Council Bluffs.
Ernest Casey and James Reidy, Acad. '18, are in their Junior year at St. Ambrose
August Van Wontreghem, Acad. '16, is attending Georgetown University, Georgetown, Md.
Wm. Hughes, Acad. '17, is now taking his Philosophy course at Chicago. He
joined the Congregation of the Passion in 1918, in which order he took his religious
vowrs in March, 1920.
Peter Supan, Pre-Medic '18, is attending College of Medicine of St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo.
John Gimbel began his novitiate in the Redemptorist order at De Soto, Mo., during
the past summer.
Paul Morrow is paymaster for the Walsh Construction Co., Davenport, Iowa.
Hugh Janney, Com. '20, is at his home in Davenport, Iowa.
Rev. Jeremiah O'Sullivan, formerly of the faculty of St. Ambrose College, later of
St. Patrick's, Iowa City, died at his old home in Ireland in the spring of 1920. Those
who knew Father O'Sullivan remember his noble character and cherish his memory.
Requiescat In Pace.
Louis Sweeney, Com. '18, is working with his brother at the Sweeney Auto School,
Kansas City, Mo.
Leo Mahoney is taking a course in engineering at the University of Notre Dame.
Paul Gavin, Com. '19, is at home in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
Clarence Hauer, Com. '20, is working in Davenport.
Wm. Judge, Pre-Legal '18, is attending the College of St. Thomas, St. Paul,
Richard Kelly, Com. '18, wras married during the past year and is now living at his
home in Tampico, Ill.
Frank Mack, Acad. '16, is at his home in Viola, Ill.
Ligouri "Red" McCallister, Com. '20, is pursuing his studies at DeWitt High
School. He was a member of the Junior football squad of St. Ambrose last year and
star full-back for the DeWitt team the past season.
Ambrose Rhody, Acad. '20, is at home at Menlo, Iowa.
Daniel McGinn, Acad. '14, is farming at Delmar, Iowa.
James "Fat" McGovern graduated from the Academic Department of Des Moines
Catholic College last June. He was a Sophomore Academic here in '18.
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