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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


"Jack" McCarville, Acad. '20, is attending Campion College, Prairie du Chien,
Wisconsin. He made a name for himself with the Campion Varsity football team
during the past fall.
Harry McCullough, Acad. '11, graduated from the Law Department of Notre
Dame last June.
"Bob" Feeney, Acad. '19, is working in Davenport and writing for the Davenport
Democrat. He is making himself famous with his "Home-Made Hooch" column.
"Bunk" Bloom, Acad. '18, is still in DeWitt trying to liven it up.
Norbert Dautremont, Acad. '19, is at work in Davenport.
George Bouquot, Comm. '19, will graduate from the Academic Department in
June. "Jiggy" made a fine showing with the Varsity last fall.
Thomas Thompson, Com. '19, is at work on a farm near Monmouth, Ill.
Leo Hoeppner, Com. '19, is at work in Davenport.
George Voltz, James Garrity, and Thos. Wolfe, Coll. '18, are at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md.
Louis Rohert, Edward O'Connor, and Francis Griffith, of the same class, are at the
Sulpician Seminary, Washington, D. C.
Ambrose Burke, Coll. '16, is to be ordained this summer at Baltimore.
Rev. Paul Klinfelder, who was ordained during 1919, has been stationed as assistant at St. Mary's, Muscatine, Iowa.
James Morrin and Raymond McGrath are at the Seminary in Baltimore.
James Skelley and Ralph Coryn are attending Notre Dame University. They were
members of the Academic Class of '18.
Walter Coryn, Acad. '20, is working in Moline.
Rev. Mell G. Morrin who was ordained last June is now a member of the Faculty
of St. Ambrose College.
Chas. Mack and Chas. Schaecter, Com. '20, are at their homes in Viola, Ill.
Edmund Woeber, Acad. '20, has been working for the Davenport Locomotive
Works, Davenport, Iowa. Last summer he had the misfortune to be severely scalded
and consequently laid up for a period of about four months. We all remember
"Klaus" for his peerless work as forward on the Junior Basket Ball squad during the
season of '19-20.
Rev. M. M. O'Loughlin, Coll. '06, formerly of St. Alphonsus, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa,
but lately of Mechanicsville, has been compelled to go to California for his health. We
hope he will soon be able to return to our midst and finish the great work that he has
Paul Nahre, Acad. '18, is at work in Davenport.
Louis Nieters, Acad. '19, is pursuing his College course at Quincy College, Quincy,
Roger Nolan, Com. '17, has returned to St. Ambrose where he is putting her in
the Athletic History by his unsurpassed work in all branches.
James Fottral, Acad. '19, University of Iowa '20, returned to St. Ambrose this
year and played basket ball on the Varsity team. He certainly is an unrivaled forward
and the students of '19 remember his excellent work with the Juniors of that year.
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