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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Mr. Thomas A. Coughlin
Mr. Thomas Coughlin is one of the most successful auto dealers in the Tri-Cities. He pursued
the Academic and Commercial courses while at St. Ambrose, departing from his Alma Mater
in 1906. While at St. Ambrose he was one of the most energetic and ambitious students of his
time. His desire to forge ahead and become a leader made itself manifest immediately after
his studies. This ambition is bound to win a man a place in the world, provided the right use
is made of the talents given to man for these purposes, and we must say Thomas Coughlin was
just such a man for these talents were used successfully by him.
Mr. Coughlin has risen rapidly in the business world. He is now manager of the Coughlin
Sales Company, of Davenport, selling and distributing Hudson Super-Six and Essex Motor
Cars and Twin City Tractors. The patrons of the Sales Company esteem the manager so
highly that they freely seek advice from him, knowing that what is told them can always be
depended upon. His reputation for square dealing and his genial disposition has won him many
friends. Mr. Coughlin's two brothers, Kevin and Joseph, also popular Alumni of the College, are
associated with him in the business. It is ideal to see such a splendid cooperation and harmonious
partnership in a business of this kind.
Thomas Coughlin was united in marriage to Miss Monica Kerrigan during the summer of
1919. They are now the proud parents of a fine baby girl, born March 1, 1921.
Tom's many friends among the Alumni of St. Ambrose will always be interested to hear of
his further success and wish him well in all his undertakings.
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